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18.9.15 11:41 (ADMINISTRATOR) [Report]
Notification on Wapka ads.
Dear wapmasters, we found that some wapmasters make use of specific means to hide and cover Wapka ads,which violates Wapka rules and will have bad adverse impact on Wapka.

In future, in order to inhibit this behavior,we will strengthen supervision.We hope you can follow the rules to ensure your site normally accessed.

If you ignore the rules,we also have strict punishments. Once found, we will block site for 7 days. If repeatedly breach the rules, we will consider to block site permanently.

For any questions, feel free to contact us.

Thanks for your support.
18.9.15 11:48 (YouGame.Cf) [Report]
RE1: Notification on Wapka ads.
Ok, i am sorry
RE2: Notification on Wapka ads.
Sir, My kind advice is that plz make The ads Islamic.... Or Scientific..

disconnect them from movies 18+ content....

its your fault not ours
18.9.15 11:56 (Sinhanada) [Report]
RE3: Notification on Wapka ads.
Dear Sir,

We are team terms of service have been blocked our wap site is a famous site which create quality
platform musicians to meet their clients.this site was functioned
maintained successfully during 4 years without any complains.But
unknowing we covered wapka bottom ads. therefore our web site has
blocked. However all errors has been corrected now by our developer
team.Give us pardon error occurred and we accept any responsibilities
regarding please unblock our web site. We
kindly request you to browse our site thoroughly and we are expecting
your generous support for granting the permission to the site

Site Link :
Thank you
Best regards
Amila Sandaruwan.

18.9.15 12:02 (ShresthMishra) [Report]
RE4: Notification on Wapka ads
Ok will follow that .
18.9.15 12:08 (Profizzy) [Report]
RE5: Notification on Wapka ads.
Go to for latest update, information, technology, entertainment headlines.
18.9.15 12:18 (Profizzy) [Report]
RE6: Notification on Wapka ads.
18.9.15 12:20 (bbazaar) [Report]
RE7: Notification on Wapka ads.
from past somedays wapka post 18+ ads bannnar. Now they show past old ads. this r likely good one. if wapka show good ads I hope and I surely can say no one try to block ads.

plz sir don\'t show again 18+ ads
18.9.15 12:22 (Rabin chattarjee) [Report]
RE8: Notification on Wapka ads.
chalo admin zinda to hai... Admin fix these problems listed bellow:

1st-Daily stats Problem

2nd- File count Problem In Cm

3rd- Download Problem in Cm

4th- again and agian robots.txt Problem
18.9.15 12:24 (M.Sheraz) [Report]
RE9: Notification on Wapka ads.
We are make Family Site. But you are using 18+ ads on bottom. So This is illegal of copyright. So I complaint wapka to American Certificate Authority.
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